Anchorages - Fixed and semi portable davits

Product Description
Product Description

Fixed and Semi-Permanent Davits
These unique, adjustable davit systems were developed to allow workers greater versatility, with the mast adapter permanently fixed to a structure and the davit arm and mast moved around as required. Ensuring easy and safe access into a wide variety of confined spaces these davits are easily positioned with reaches from 610mm, 1200mm and 2400mm. The davit’s versatility offers a solution where other conventional systems are impractical. With a safety factor of 10:1 and a working load limit of 164kg at any extension the davits meet or exceeds AS5532, CSA, ANSI, OSHA, CSST and CE Standards.


610mm Fixed Davit

This lightweight davit can be fitted to a permanent base as well as to our Manhole Guard, Trailer hitch, H base, and manhole Collar systems. This gives additional flexibility to sites with multiple types of entry and cost savings due to lack of duplication.

610mm Stainless Steel Davit Bases

SPXTIN2005 Floor Adapter SPXTIN2105 Centre mount    SPXTIN2006 Flush Floor
  SPXTIN2013 Wall Adapter  SPXTIN2124 Offset Wall Adapter  SPXTIN2097 Sleeve Adapter
SPXTIN2021 Wall/Shoring Adapter SPXTIN2131 Exterior Corner Sleeve SPXTIN2133 Interior Corner Sleeve
SPXTIN2008 Adjustable Wall Adapter SPXTIN2085 H Beam Adapter SPXTIN2007 Conrete Fresh 
1200mm Fixed Davit

A full 16kN capacity makes this davit a favorite with rope access technicians. The double pulley lends iteself well to twin rope access procedures especially when used with our rope access anchor bracket. 


1200mm Stainless Steel Bases and brackets

SPXTIN2238 Floor Adapter Base  SPXTIN2254 Centre Mount Base  SPXTIN2253 Wall Mount Base SPXTIN2255 Sleeve Mast Adapter 
 SPXTIN2266 Flush Floor Adapter SPXTIN2271 Rope Access Bracket  SPXTIN2272 Adapter Cap

2400mm Fixed Davit

This davit gives extraordinary reach while still maintaining a full 16kN rating. Common uses are rope access and jump form rescue and evacuation. Featuring a wind out jib and numerous winch bracket locations.

2400mm Stainless Steel Adapter Bases             

SPXTIN2201 Floor Mount Adapter   SPXTIN2420 Wall Mount Adapter