Heavy Duty Ratchets

- Product Description
Product Description

This powerhouse assembly is the first choice for direct lashing applications in general industry and the military. Available in blue or olive drab powder coat.

– Low dead weight compared to chains
– ABS system incorporated
– Robust epoxy resin coating.

20040 ABS Endless Ratchet Assemblies

Code Description Lashing Capacity Width (kg) Length (kg) Pretension (kg)
20040F00-0-04 Endless ratchet 10,000 75  4.0  800 
20040F00-0-09 Endless ratchet  10,000  75 9.0  800 

20040 ABS Power Assisted Ratchet Assembly

Code Description Lashing Capacity (kg) Width (mm) Length (m) Pretension (kg)
20040F83-1.5 Ratchet assembly fitted with triangle and sling hooks 10,000 75 1.5 800

20040 ABS 2 Part Ratchet Assemblies


Code  Desciption Lashing Capacity (kg) Width (mm) Length (m) Pretension (kg)
20040F87-09 Ratchet assembly fitted with hook and keeper 5,000 75 9.0 400
20040F80-0x04 Ratchet assembly fitted with 10mm chain and grab hook 5,000 75 4.0 400


20031 ABS Power Assisted Ratchet Assembly

Code  Description Lashing Capacity (kg) Width (mm) Length (m) Pretension (kg)
20031-1 Ratchet assembly with high performance polyester webbing, fitted with triangle and sling hooks 12,500 75 0.7 400

Heavy Duty Ratchets Quickly Secure Even the Heaviest Loads

The heavy duty ratchets from SpanSet are real power packs and don’t stop even for the heaviest jobs.

More Tension, Less Effort
The patented double slider even secures in the intermediate stage when tensioning, using the “half tooth”. This gives you more tension in smaller steps – and conserves your physical strength.
Less dead weight
They are called heavy duty ratchets, but are much lighter than comparable lashing equipment. The ratchet lashing straps have clear advantages over chains or wire ropes when it comes to their dead weight – and are thus much lighter to handle.
Self-Locking Ratchet Lever
For maximum security when lashing, we developed the selflocking ratchet lever. When lashing, you pull the integrated slider, close the ratchet, and it engages automatically in the locking position. This means that unintentional opening of the ratchet when on the move is effectively impossible.
The Best Quality for a Sense of Security
Even for heavy loads, such as construction equipment or precast concrete parts, it is a matter of controlled load security. Heavy loads do not only have to be secured. It is more a case of a controlled securing procedure from start to finish. 

This is why we place great value on the quality of each individual part of our heavy duty ratchets. This extends from the impact-resistant epoxy resin coating of the ratchets to the webbing with optional integrated edge protection, designed for extreme loads. 
“Anti-Belt-Slip” Procedure
The ratchet is opened, the tension loosens sporadically, and the load gets out of control: anyone who has experienced this knows how important ABS is. It means you have complete control even during release. The ABS system lets you release the pretension force in small steps. This gives you the opportunity to use a fork-lift truck to straighten up any loads that threaten to tip and are leaning into the strap, helping prevent damage and accidents. 
Reinforced Link
This high-performance ratchet has extra reinforcement thanks to a double link, so that the load is distributed over three points instead of just two. This provides enormous loading capacity and stability.
Tension Force Indicator
The TFI is fitted as standard in this high performance lashing as added security against unintentional overtensioning, thereby providing optimum tension in proportion to the lashing capacity (LC).