One Way & Pipe Laying Slings

One Way Slings

- Inexpensive endless flat slings for one-way application
- According to DIN 60005
- 5:1 safety factor
- Label in standard signal colour.

Cost Effective Safety

Flat lifting slings for export of products whereby the sling remains rigged around the product and is used at the destination to safely lift from the cargo hold or deck of a vessel. These slings are then discarded at the final destination. They are not for repeated use.
Their advantage: The one way slings are substantially lower priced than regular slings.
To differentiate from standard lifting slings they are supplied in a non Australian standard colour such as white or black. The label is clearly marked as 5.1 safety factor and identified as a one way sling.

Code Rated WLL (kg) Load-carrying Capacity (kg) Length (m) Webbing Width (mm) Webbing Thickness (mm) Sling Weight (kg)
D024023 400 800 1.0 25 1.3 0.060
D024024 400 800 1.5 25 1.3 0.083
D024025 400 800 2.0 25 1.3 0.109
D024026 400 800 4.0 25 1.3 0.213

Other sizes available on request

Pipe Laying Slings

These strap mats, with their enormous lifting capacity (16-48t) and large supporting surface (up to 900 mm), are extremely economical for pipeline construction.
When the weight is taken off, the mat is automatically released so time wasting release of the cross beam becomes unnecessary.

Code Rated

Sling Length


D024023 16000 1.0 300 6.6 48
D024024 32000 1.0 600 6.6 98
D024025 48000 1.0 900 6.6 129.5