Protective Sleeves

secutex® Cut Protection

secutex® is the market leader in coated lifting slings and protective sleeves, and  secutex® products are used world-wide.

Secutex has been perfectly formulated with the optimum balance between flexibility, elasticity and toughness to protect synthetic slings from sharp edges and abrasion. The sleeve grips the edge of the load, allowing the sling to move within the Secutex to self centre and adjust to the centre of gravity. This feature also allows the rotation of sharp objects, such as steel coils, without damage to the sling or products.
With creativity and know-how, the range of possible applications is steadily growing. Because of their variety, secutex® products represent the economically and technically optimum solution again and again. Continuous and intensive production surveillance guarantees extraordinary product quality.
 – Extreme cut-resistance
– Wear and abrasion resistance
– Smooth goods handling
– Lightweight for excellent handling
– Optimum work safety

Single Sided secutex®

– Fully encapsulates the sling with a hard wearing, flexible cut resistant surface on one side
– Difficult to retrofit
– Suitable for type 3 sleeve configuration.

Double Sided secutex®

– Fully encapsulates the sling with a hard wearing, flexible cut resistant surface on both sides
- Difficult to retrofit
– Suitable for type 3 sleeve configuration.

Clip-on secutex®

– Clips on to the sling with a hard wearing, flexible cut resistant surface on one side
- Easy to retrofit
– Suitable for type 3 and 5 sleeve configuration.

Clip-On-secutex®  Table 3

NoCut® sleeve


High-tech cut resistant sleeves

Do You Recognise This? 

Handling sharp edged metal sheets, for instance, Is often improvised and an insufficient solution is found: A pile of gloves or cardboard is used quite often as edge protection. This is against statutory regulations and can cause fatal accidents. Therefore protect your lifting gear with edge protection, which has been especially developed for sharp edges. Increase the service life of your lifting gear and improve your employees’ safety.

SpanSet offers a solution with high performance edge protection from its selection of NoCut® products. NoCut®sleeve is a woven, protective, high performance sleeve for round slings and lifting belts, which is characterised by particularly high cut and abrasion resistance.

It goes without saying that NoCut® has been fitted according to the various widths of SpanSet lifting belts and round slings. Therefore NoCut® is best suited for the protection of textile lifting gear such as lifting belts and round slings, especially preventing damage caused by sharp edges when lifting heavy loads.

For More Safety

A special test system was designed and built for the development of NoCut®, which ascertains the cut resistance of a protective sleeve in realistic situations whereby the effect of a cut is loaded with a nominal load. This has determined the protective effect of NoCut®sleeve on edges with differing sharpness. Definite findings, which answer all application questions!

Its suppleness and minimal weight, compared to  conventional products for cut protection, makes it easy to handle in many forms of application and ensures that time is saved when attaching.

NoCut®sleeve is woven from HMPE1 high performance fibres and offers the best protection for your textile lifting gear against cuts made by sharp edged loads. Rotating and turning loads is also no problem for NoCut®sleeve, and the special rib structure of the sleeve design makes it easier for the lifting gear to slide inside the sleeve. NoCut®sleeve protects the lifting gear even when a relative cutting motion takes place, which can occur when a load is raised.
Such relative movements between load and edge protection are permissible in the case of edge radii of more than 1mm, as long as they do not exceed the usual setting characteristics by more than  a few centimetres when raising a load. If SpanSet prepares the lifting process in collaboration with technical engineers in such a way that the edge protection  and the load do not shift when raised, then cut protection is even ensured for radii of under 1mm.

The NoCut®sleeve is supplied ready-to-use with trimmed cut edges. Protective sleeves are offered with lengths of 250mm sections and widths of 30mm to 300mm as standard.

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Abrasion Sleeves

SpanSet protective sleeves are designed to lengthen the life of flat webbing and round slings. They protect against abrasion and dirt ingress and are generally permanently attached to the sling, though some are removable.
They are not for cut protection, in which case secutex® sleeving must be used.
Hi-Tech Webbing Sleeves: Heavy duty sling webbing is used for high abrasion applications.
Kooper Sleeving: Light weight with a smooth abrasion resistant surface.
Lay Flat Hose: Light weight PVC moisture resistant hose.