Recovery and Towing

Product Description
Product Description


Pink Polyester Tow Slings
Based on traditional polyester round lifting slings, these are coloured pink to differentiate from the lifting sling colour code standard and to be identified as a tow sling only.

Pink Tow Slings Technical Data
Break Strength
Thickness Under
Under Load
2 metres
5 metres
10 metres
20 metres
Per Metre 
7,000 6 45 EP1000x2.0 EP1000x5.0 EP1000x10.0 EP1000x20.0 0.40
14,000 7 48 EP2000x2.0 EP2000x5.0 EP2000x10.0 EP2000x20.0 0.60
21,000 8 60 EP3000x2.0 EP3000x5.0 EP3000x10.0 EP3000x20.0 0.80
35,000 10 75 EP5000x2.0 EP5000x5.0 EP5000x10.0 EP5000x20.0 1.20

4WD Snatch Straps

SpanSet nylon recovery straps offer 20% stretch for smooth snatches in four wheel drive situations where winching is not a viable option.


Lack of traction only
The wheels of the vehicle remain substantially on the surface of the ground and are unable to gain traction due to the slippery or greasy conditions.
Medium bogging
The wheels of the vehicle are unable to gain traction and have dug in to the ground to about 33% of the wheel diameter.
Severely bogged
The wheels of the vehicle are unable to gain traction and have buried themselves up to the axles.
Break Strength
The amount of force the strap will resist before breaking.
Snatch Straps Versus Tow Straps
“Snatching” a vehicle is very different from towing a vehicle. When a vehicle is towed the attachment strop is generally static, that is, it has limited stretch and the force is taken up gently and progressively between the tow vehicle and the bogged or incapacitated vehicle. These straps can be polyester, modified high performance polyester, aramid fibres (as in Kevlar) or high strength polyethylene.
When using a snatch strap, these are usually high stretch nylon. This stretching property allows the strap to store kinetic energy, which is used to pull vehicles from a bog. After the vehicles are attached, the snatch strap remains slack as the recovering vehicle moves forward at a moderate rate and the strap begins to stretch. The dynamic force of the moving vehicle and the progressive stretch of the strap will then “snatch” the bogged vehicle out of its entrapment.
Care must be taken when attaching the snatch strap to a suitably sound structural attachment on both vehicles and adequate strength shackles are used, as these can become projectiles should they fail.
– Never try to snatch a vehicle using a tow strap 
– Tow straps and snatch straps are not to be used for lifting.

Tow Strap Calculator for Bogged Vehicles
Break Strength
Stuck due to lack of traction Stuck due to medium
bogging (kg)
Stuck due to
severe bogging (kg)
4000 8000 4000 2500
8000 16000 8000 5000
10000 20000 10000 6000
20000 40000 20000 12000
30000 60000 30000 18000
40000 80000 40000 24000
50000 100000 50000 30000
60000 120000 60000 36000
80000 160000 80000 48000
100000 200000 100000 60000
  (200%) (100%) (60%)