Stage Slings


Stage Slings

High Heat Resistant Stage Slings

These lightweight roundslings are ideal for easy and inconspicuous suspension ofstage sound and lighting equipment. Black sleeve material helps the sling blend into its surroundings. The load bearing member of our Steel-Tex round sling is made of galvanised steel aircraft cable wound in an endless configuration. The wire core is encased in a heavy black polyester cover. A unique inspection window with a velcro closure is located beside the capacity tag. This wide window allows for easy inspection of the core for broken wires or corrosion.
Rated at 2400kg and come in lengths of 0.9, 1.8, and 2.7 metres.

Code Length Capacity WLL Weight
WRSS-0x2.7 2.7m 2,400kg 2500g
WRSS-0x1.8 1.8m 2,400kg 1800g
WRSS-0x0.9 0.9m 2,400kg 850g

Black Polyester Rigging Slings
– Lightweight, yet durable
– Most common rating is 2 tonne with full flexibility in length
– Comes with Tufftag fully encapsulated reinforced ID tag.

SpanSets - Stage Sling Order Codes
Code Length Capacity WLL Weight
EB1000-0x0.5 0.5 1,000 0.2
EB1000-0x1.0 1.0 1,000 0.4
EB1000-0x2.0 2.0 1,000 0.8
EB1000-0x3.0 3.0 1,000 1.2
RCB2005 0.5m 2,000 0.3
RCB2010 1.0m 2,000 0.6
RCB2020 2.0m 2,000 1.2
RCB2030 3.0m 2,000 1.8
EB3000-0x1.0 1.0 3,000 0.8
EB3000-0x2.0 2.0 3,000 1.6
EB3000-0x3.0 3.0 3,000 2.4