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Breathing Apparatus

1 Day
Ratio of Trainers to Trainees

Breathing Apparatus - MSAPMOHS216A

The course has been structured to provide:
–  Learners with both theoretical and practical knowledge to operate and maintain     compressed air breathing apparatus.
Course Elements
–  Pre-donning checks and tests on breathing apparatus
–  Components of breathing apparatus
–  Breathing apparatus operational procedures
–  Post operational and cleaning procedures.
–  Pre-donning and inspection test
–  Operating breathing apparatus
–  Conduct work and rescue activities using breathing apparatus
–  Close down and remove breathing apparatus
–  Use of Confined Space entry/rescue equipment with breathing apparatus.
Assessment Methods
Written theory assessment with multiple choice and short answer questions. Requires 100% pass mark for competency.
If a candidate gets a total score of less than 100% then the trainer will explore the learners’ knowledge of the topic. Where the candidate has a good knowledge of the topic the result may be amended.
Practical assessment requires the learners to correctly perform pre-use inspection requirements, correct donning techniques and all post operational checks and procedures for breathing apparatus.
Perform practical confined space rescue exercises using breathing apparatus.
During the course of the training learners will be continually verbally assessed by the trainer to ensure they have the required understanding and competency required on specific topics and scenarios.
Training Outcome
All successful learners will receive a Statement of Attainment and a personalised ID card as proof of their qualification.
–  MSAPMOHS216A Operate Breathing Apparatus.
RTO ID 91173