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Consulting Services
SpanSet is the Australian arm of a global company operating in 15 countries around the world, and are leaders in height safety, lifting and load control equipment, manufacturing and supply. This background makes us uniquely placed to offer a range of consultancy services to industry.
A SpanSet specialist consultant can be a valuable partner to assist you in achieving a safer workplace
Our services include:
Rescue Planning
If you have selected a method of working that could result in a worker being suspended in a harness, then you must consider the rescue implications. Having an effective and tested rescue preparedness is a legal necessity and SpanSet can assist in the development, testing and site specific training required to meet this obligation.
Site Surveys
SpanSet can undertake workplace site surveys in order to help their clients clearly identify particular site hazards for high risk activities such as working at heights and confined space work tasks.
In order to achieve this we listen to our clients and observe operations to gain a clear understanding of current work practices, policies and procedures as well as key objectives of the operating business and desired outcomes that need to be achieved.
Work Procedure Safety Audits
SpanSet offer safety audits on work environments, procedures, safe work method statements and worker behaviours for both industry and government. Following the safety audit we produce a detailed report identifying areas of safety non-compliance or opportunities for improvement.
In consultation with your organisation SpanSet can assist in the development and implementation of solutions to enhance your workers safety, and to maintain compliance with current WHS legislation.
Equipment Evaluation
SpanSet is committed to ensure our customers are using the correct equipment for their associated tasks. Too often we see equipment being utilised that is under rated for its intended use or not compliant to the relevant Australian or European standards.
By communicating with our customers from the procurement stage through to the training or implementation stages, SpanSet is able to ensure the right products are in place, without bias, to satisfy our customer needs in the most cost effective manner.
To discuss your consultancy needs or to enquire regards consultancy rates please either call our toll free number 1300 301 780 or email to