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Working Safely at Height Refresher
5 hours
Existing qualification in Working Safely at Heights (current within last 3 years).

Working Safely at Heights Refresher - RIIWHS204D

Spanset Australia has developed the Working Safely at Heights Refresher course specifically to provide a candidate with an opportunity to update their knowledge, skills and experience when undertaking work activity at height.
The legislative framework and guidance materials relating to working at height are dynamic and continually evolving.
The course allows candidates on successful completion to have up to date information allowing them to undertake their work activities in view to full compliance.
Course Elements
Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will gain knowledge of:
– Legislation and governance material relating to working at height
– What defines ’work at height’
– Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
– Control measures for working at height
– Categories for working at height (work restraint, work positioning, fall arrest)
– Legal requirements for equipment inspection and record keeping
– Compliance, strengths and characteristics of height safety equipment
– Legal necessity for provision for rescue capability.
– The practical component is structured so that the activities undertaken are representative of the    work site specifics and tasks that the candidates are exposed to in their work at height.
– Risk analysis and control is then tailored to this representative work environment.
– The simulated work activities incorporate the following:
– Correct inspection, fitting and adjustment of harness (including suspension in harness)
    – Selection, setup and rigging of anchor straps and slings
    – Pre-use inspection, installation and use of work restraint techniques
    – Pre-use inspection and use of single/twin leg fall arrest lanyards
    – Pre-use inspection, installation and use of fall arrest blocks / inertia reels.
    – Pre-use inspection, installation and use of temporary horizontal safety lines
    – Pre-use inspection, installation and use of height safety connectors
    – Introduction to rescue using a pre-rigged workplace rescue system.
Training can be conducted at a purpose built SpanSet training facility in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne or on your site anywhere in Australasia.
Training Outcomes
When evidence of a previous qualification for Working Safely at Heights has been provided a reissuing of a Statement of Attainment and a personalised ID card, in one of the following:
– RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights.
RTO ID 91173