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Gotcha Rescue Half Day
Half Day
Ratio of Trainer to Trainees
SpanSet’s Half-Day Gotcha™ course has been structured to provide candidates with the site specific knowledge and skills to undertake the rescue of a suspended casualty with a nominated worksite rescue kit.
Being a non-accredited course there are no prerequisites; however SpanSet strongly recommends that a one day nationally accredited Work Safely at Heights course is under taken prior to commencement.
Course Elements
Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will gain knowledge of:
–  Legislation
–  Hazard analysis and risk assessment
–  Individual and team safety
–  Anchor points and rigging, including edge protection
–  Climbing and structural mobility techniques
–  Use of work restraint and positioning techniques
–  Rescue kits and systems, techniques and management.
–  Hazard analysis and risk assessment
–  Correct fitting and adjustment of fall arrest harnesses
–  The use of work positioning systems
–  The use of twin tail lanyards
–  Correct inspection, setup and use of a rescue kit to access a casualty and evacuate to     safety
–  Casualty management and care.
Assessment Methods
There is a written theory assessment with multiple choice and short answer questions. Requires 100% pass mark to achieve competency.
Practical assessment requires the candidates to perform rescue exercises on a suspended casualty. Candidates are required to complete these techniques in a reasonable time frame and in a safe manner.
During the course all delegates will be continually verbally assessed by the trainer to ensure they have the required understanding and competency required on specific topics and scenarios.
Training Outcome
All candidates that are deemed competent will receive a Certificate of Attendance and an ID card.