Horizontal Safety Line

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The original temporary horizontal tension webbing anchor line
  • Patented Tension Force Indicator technology guarantees safe installation every time
  • Built-in wear indicator for ease of inspection
  • Comprehensive clearance height graph to make checking safety easy
Product NameHorizontal Safety Line
Product HeadlineThe original temporary horizontal tension webbing anchor line
Product description long 1

The original SpanSet temporary horizontal safety line has been copied many times, but the unique features have never fully been reproduced. Our patented system includes Tension Force Indicating technology to show the worker that the system has been correctly installed and tensioned. Without the indicator installation would be only guess work and the safe clearance height impossible to check. By using our system your safety is assured becuase the 250daN pretension guaratees the amount of stretch avaialble in the webbing. The instruction manual then helps you to check the safe clearance height based on the relative position and length of anchor line in use. We also manufacture our webbing to include a specific wear indicator to show when the webbing anchor line should be retired from service.

Lifespan10 yr.
NormsEN 795: 2012
Individually Serial NumberedYes
Individual CertificateYes
Label ProtectionYes
Main MaterialPolyester
Dimension L20 m
Packaging Unit (PU) Content1
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