Extremely robust and compact

6 t and 8 t and other lengths on request

Packaging unit: 2 pieces

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The reinforced rib construction and the width reduction of the hose cover make the SupraPlus the SupraPlusX. The latest generation of the premium sling is designed to be even more robust and compact than the previous model. Together with the proven textile wire reinforcement, weaving in of the load-bearing capacity and the innovative label construction, no wishes are left unfulfilled. Safe, durable, light and easy to handle, the SupraPlus-X positions itself as if by itself in the premium segment.

And the SupraPlusX is not only GS-approved, but also meets the strict SpanSet factory standard. DNV was the godfather in the development of the factory standard and ensures its further development and internationalisation for SpanSet customers worldwide in annual audits.

Technical data sheet (PDF)

Art.-Nr.KurztextWLL kgDimension L1
D082980SupraPlus-X 500 0.5m5000,5
D082981SupraPlus-X 500 0.75m5000,75
D082982SupraPlus-X 500 1.0m5001,0
D082984SupraPlus-X 500 1.5m5001,5
D082854SupraPlus-X 500 2.0m5002,0
D082985SupraPlus-X 1000 0.5m10000,5
D082986SupraPlus-X 1000 0.75m10000,75
D082987SupraPlus-X 1000 1.0m10001,0
D082988SupraPlus-X 1000 1.5m10001,5
D082855SupraPlus-X 1000 2.0m10002,0
D082989SupraPlus-X 1000 2.5m10002,5
D082990SupraPlus-X 1000 3.0m10003,0
D082991SupraPlus-X 1000 4.0m10004,0
D082992SupraPlus-X 1000 5.0m10005,0
D082993SupraPlus-X 2000 0.5m20000,5
D082994SupraPlus-X 2000 0.75m20000,75
D082995SupraPlus-X 2000 1.0m20001,0
D082996SupraPlus-X 2000 1.5m20001,5
D082856SupraPlus-X 2000 2.0m20002,0
D082997SupraPlus-X 2000 2.5m20002,5
D082832SupraPlus-X 2000 3.0m20003,0
D082998SupraPlus-X 2000 4.0m20004,0
D082999SupraPlus-X 2000 5.0m20005,0
D083000SupraPlus-X 2000 6.0m20006,0
D083001SupraPlus-X 3000 1.0m30001,0
D083002SupraPlus-X 3000 1.5m30001,5
D082833SupraPlus-X 3000 2.0m30002,0
D083003SupraPlus-X 3000 2.5m30002,5
D083004SupraPlus-X 3000 3.0m30003,0
D082817SupraPlus-X 3000 4.0m30004,0
D083005SupraPlus-X 3000 5.0m30005,0
D083006SupraPlus-X 3000 6.0m30006,0
D082831SupraPlus-X 4000 2.0m40002,0
D083007SupraPlus-X 4000 2.5m40002,5
D083008SupraPlus-X 4000 3.0m40003,0
D083009SupraPlus-X 4000 4.0m40004,0
D083010SupraPlus-X 4000 5.0m40005,0
D083011SupraPlus-X 4000 6.0m40006,0
D082834SupraPlus-X 5000 2.0m50002,0
D082835SupraPlus-X 5000 3.0m50003,0
D082836SupraPlus-X 5000 4.0m50004,0
D083012SupraPlus-X 5000 5.0m50005,0
D083013SupraPlus-X 5000 6.0m50006,0