Car transport safety device
- Product Description
Product Description
  • Complies with DIN EN 12195-2
  • Satisfies VDI Directive 2700 Sheet 8
  • Other hook types are possible
  • Also available with indivdual print on request

1,500 and 2,500 kg lashing capacity

SpanSet Carfix is available in versions with webbing straps measuring 35 mm or 50 mm in width, and with a lashing capacity of 1,500 or 2,500 daN, in a straight pull. The Carfix system has a particularly low webbing stretch (″4%) and is therefore especially well-suited to transporting vehicles.

Secured by 3 hooks
With the right handling, the three-point attachment with hooks at the fixed end , adjustable end and running freely on the adjustable end guarantees fast, secure attachment and ease of use for the user. The moveable swivel hook that can be rotated
through 360° or the traditional claw hook can be selected for attachment to the perforated plate. Other hook types are also available on request.

Stable grip and protection for the webbing strap
The strap controller comes as standard with both lashing strap variants. During transport, the particularly pronounced profile on the underside of the strap controller grips very well to the tyre and remains in a stable position, while the webbing strap on the inside can glide perfectly during tensioning. In addition, the webbing strap controller protects both the webbing strap and
the tyres of the vehicle. There is also the option of edge reinforcement (piped edge), which extends the durability of the controller. Don't worry, you can always select the lashing strap you require and your preferred hook, and put together your individual Carfix lashing straps freely for your best suitable application.