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Penjualan Produk Textile Sling dan Ratchet Lashing

  •       Samuel         : 0812 9822 1479

Penjualan Produk Height Safety dan Training

  •        Taufan          : 0811 1800 983
  •        Herry            : 0815 1392 7434

Penjualan Produk Wire Rope, Chain & Metal Lifting Accesories

  •        Ruby              : 0813 1529 7913
  •        Suyoko          : 0811 1147 318
  •        Erry                : 0811 9194 111

 Administrasi Penjualan

  •        Budi Hartono : 0812 8247 7969
  •        Susan            : 0812 2208 2833

 Penjualan Wholesaler / Stockist

  •         Agnes           : 0811 1976 040

 Managers in Charge

  •        Yudhi Nugroho        : 0811 953 971
  •        Joseph I Halim        : 0878 78 333 888   
  •        Mario Harben          : 0815 8448 0745
  •        Nobertus VRAN       : 0811 133 6745


We're with Palu-Donggala

Hopefully the help we provide is able to ease the burden of those who are affected by the disaster, We are sure that the people of Palu-Donggala can rise again after the earthquake & the tsunami hit their territory.

Let us not stop the prayers for strength and patience to the victims throughout this difficult time.

SpanSet Team


One Day Seminar : Load Control

November, it's time for another Free Seminar! Load Control is one of our area expertise that we've been working on for more that 40 years. As one of heading company in safety area we want to help improving the awareness of securing loads in Indonesia.


Save the date :

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

10.00 - 14.00

at Training Center PT SpanSet Indonesia


Join now by registering yourself to

All the attendance will be awarded with The Certificate from SpanSet Indonesia.



SpanSet Team 

Special Event July 2017

In this special July we would like to invite you to our upcoming Height Safety Seminar. This seminar will be held in two different time: 10 July 2017 and 12 July 2017. Further detail see the image below:


SpanSet Training: May 2017

SpanSet Seminar: Basic Wire Rope and Wire Rope Sling

Our free seminar in this Month was about Basic Wire Rope and Wire Rope Sling, this free seminar was held in our premises in Bekasi with some of our clients as delegates.


Join our Newsletter to get the invitation to our next Free Seminar!

LEEA Combined Members Training Event 2017

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is established across the globe as the leading representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide.

SpanSet Indonesia is honored to hosting LEEA Combined Members Training Event from 15th-24th March 2017 at our premises in Bekasi, Indonesia.

Click here for more info.

Latihan Gabungan Caving: Self and Group Rescue Seminar

SpanSet Indonesia is supporting Latihan Gabungan Caving: Self and Group Seminar for all caving enthusiast in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Karawang area. This event will be held at our Training site in 17th-18th March 2017.


This CSR event will give participants more understanding about how to use, inspect and maintaining their safety equipment for vertical caving exploration and how to give an emergency rescue for personal and group in vertical caving exploration.


Click here for more information and registration.


50 Years of SpanSet, 50 years of innovations and partnership

In this year, the SpanSet corporate group celebrates its 50th anniversary worldwide. events have been planned for the various locations and are to include customers, employees and their families.

The anniversary year will also be characterised by a range of festivities distributed throughout the year and held at various sites around the world. 


SpanSet Germany is offering customers anniversary deals throughout the entire year, is preparing the history of the company in a chronicle, celebrating with customers and business partners on the 7th October.Plans are already being made.


50 years are a long time, and during this time much has happened:

Mini-skirts and long hair found a new youth culture in 1966, China sees the start of a cultural revolution, freeze-drying makes food non-perishable and for the first time, credits are used to finance government coffers. Frank Sinatra and Al Martino rule the charts with „Strangers in the night“ and „Spanish Eyes“ launching earworms that have never ceased to entertain us. And the young textile engineer Erik Ehnimb has just developed the car seat belt and laid the foundation stone for the SpanSet corporate group.


Political, social and economic development gathers speed. In the wake of these developments, the

triumph of the innovative products made by SpanSet cannot be held back. Round slings, lifting straps, lashing straps, harnesses and many other products and services have since become essential in both industry and trade.


But if the stone stops rolling it will start to gather moss.

With the Magnum-X and the NoCut sleeve and pad, SpanSet makes products created using highperformance fibres acceptable, rejects the dictated standards and provides industry with new options. The products, only a few months and years old, cannot be stopped and, for the heavy-duty sector, displace the products made from traditional chemical fibres.


Accompany us online throughout our anniversary year, profit from the many campaigns and prize draws, just find out more about the milestones of a reliable partner.