Gotcha Rescue Kit: High-Altitude Rescue Solution

To date, rescue equipment has undergone numerous changes. These changes aim to enhance safety and efficiency in various emergency situations. One leading product to emerge from this innovation is the Gotcha rescue kit, part of the SpanSet product range.

History of Gotcha Rescue Kit

The Gotcha rescue kit was first released in 2000 by SpanSet, a company initially known for producing polyester lifting slings. With a reputation for creating high-standard webbing slings, SpanSet continued to innovate and ventured into the realm of height safety equipment.

Our first major innovation in this field was the launch of the Horizontal Safety Line, followed by the rescue product named Gotcha.

Gotcha is the world’s first rescue kit designed for remote access or remote rescue. This innovation was immediately recognized as a revolution in rescue systems, establishing Gotcha as a market leader. The Gotcha original kit has continued to develop and innovate, offering various other rescue solutions.

The Importance of Gotcha Rescue Kit When Working at Height

Jobs involving accident risks, such as working at height, require maximum preventive efforts to avoid fatal accidents. When a fall incident occurs, there is a "golden moment" of 15-20 minutes.

This moment refers to the need for the victim to be evacuated promptly to avoid more severe impacts. The Gotcha rescue kit is designed to aid quick and efficient evacuation in these situations.

The Gotcha rescue kit is the first rescue equipment with a pre-assembled control device, facilitating workers in rescuing victims suspended with a fall arrest lanyard, rope safety line, and fall arrest block. The presence of the Gotcha original kit enables the victim to be quickly and efficiently lifted or lowered to the nearest safe point.

Specifications of Gotcha Rescue Kit

The Gotcha rescue kit from SpanSet has several advantages that make it superior in emergency rescue situations, including:

  • Pre-assembled

Pre-assembled for ease of use.

  • Highest quality standards

Produced with stringent quality standards.

  • No need to cut the victim's lanyard

Minimizes additional risks during rescue.

  • Remote attachment

Allows rescue without approaching the victim.

  • Unique serial number

Facilitates traceability.

  • Comes with a certificate of conformance

This certificate includes a product label and user manual, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Variants of Gotcha Rescue Kit

SpanSet offers several types of Gotcha rescue kits tailored to various rescue needs.

1. Gotcha CRD

This variant is ideal for evacuations from high-rise buildings and rescues. Its main features are remote rescue methods, a 5m pole stick to reach distant victims, and a pulley system that facilitates load transfer of the victim.

2. Gotcha 2

A rescue tool used remotely, allowing the rescuer to save the victim without approaching. Features such as pre-assembly and dual rescue direction options make it a flexible solution.

3. Gotcha Shark

A rescue tool with an escort method that allows the rescuer to descend directly to the victim. Equipped with a certified descender for controlled descent of two workers.

With the Gotcha rescue kit, the risk of accidents at work requiring rescue processes can be minimized. This product is equipped with an attachment sling that can be mounted to structures in wide areas and sewn edges, along with good control levels.

This makes the Gotcha rescue kit the first effective rescue solution when working at height, ensuring safety and efficiency in every rescue operation.

For more information about the Gotcha rescue kit, visit the SpanSet website or email You can also check our account @spansetindonesia on Shopee or Tokopedia.

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