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SpanHoist II Kit
This personal access kit can be used by a worker to raise and lower themselves to a work 
location. The kit can also be used by a second person to remotely raise and lower the worker. 
This kit can be used with a range of anchorage options, such as davits, tripods and attachment 
slings. To increase worker comfort this kit should be used with the CLIMA harness, or a work 
Pulley features:
- One-way Friction Pulley for increased control when lowering,
- Locking Cam for security and rescue hauling,
- Lightweight Alloy construction. Footloop
- Multifunction, for use as a footloop to assist hauling, or a work restraint lanyard to prevent falls,
- Adjustable from 1m to 1.6m,
- Additional wear sleeving to reduce abrasion.
Order Code: SPAN-4-12.5