ABS heavy-duty ratchet lashing strap 5,000/75

ABS heavy-duty ratchet lashing strap 5,000/75

  • Self-locking tensioning device, can be released gradually using ABS and equipped with double slider
  • Low-stretch, wear-resistant webbing with cord edge
  • Tensioning device coated with epoxy resin
  • Robust label, resistant to being pulled out, protected by plastic sleeve and webbing insert
  • Reliable lashing force of up to 5,000 daN
  • With threading aid at adjustable end

"Anti-Belt-Slip" procedure

Controlled tension liberation

The ABS system was developed for loads with a risk of tipping and allows the user to release the pretension in small steps. The lashing can also be opened completely.


Self-locking ratchet lever

Prevents unintetional opening

The ratchet opening during transportation is thus effectively ruled out - eben when the load is exposed to strong vibrations and shaking.


Double Slider

Safe in the intermediate phase when tensing

Secures in the intermediate stage when tensioning the webbing. Two sliders engage in an existing sprocket in "smaller steps".


Epoxy resin coating

Maximum ratchet protection

Ratchets are first zinc-plated, then chrome-plated and coated with a shock-resistant epoxy resin coat which additionally protects the ratchets from e.g. rust.





Technical Drawings