MaXafe LC10000/55

MaXafe LC10000/55

Ensuring heavy loads arrive safely!

  • Extremely low elongation of less than 2%.
  • improved ergonomics
  • Quality label with protective sleeve

Extended Ratchet Lever

Better power transmission and more ergonomic

The extended lever not only allows the user to achieve increased pre-tensioning forces can be achieved with markedly less muscle power.


Self-locking ratchet lever

Prevents unintetional opening

The ratchet opening during transportation is thus effectively ruled out - eben when the load is exposed to strong vibrations and shaking.


Webbing insert

protected label thanks to a "fabric shield"

The labels on all SpanSet ratchet lashing straps are addtionally protected by a webbing insert. The "fabric shield", combined with the advantages of the folded label, prolongs the service life of your lashing straps.

MaXafe Carlash - Heavy Duty 55mm lashing with 10.000 daN Lashing capacity

Ideal for transverse and diagonal lashing of heavy vehicles and machines
  • Extremely low expansion of less than 2 %
    High-performance webbing fibres ensure an exceptionally low expansion of less than 2 % - comparable to wire ropes or chains. The advantage: During emergency braking or evasive manoeuvres, the forces are applied directly to the lashing system thereby reducing slippage of heavy goods to a minimum.
  • Improved ergonomics
    Thanks to the use of high-performance polyester, the approx. 50 mm wide MaXafe webbing already achieves the strength of a 75 mm wide polyester belt of conventional heavy duty ratchets. The advantage: Weight savings of about 24 % compared to a 75 mm lashing belt or similar chain offers a significant reduction in workload. MaXafe is handy and quick to install.
  • Robust webbing construction
    The webbing design of the MaXafe Heavy Duty Lashing System is particularly resistant through the use of high-performance fibres, reducing webbing abrasion and cut injuries to the fabric. The advantage: Longer service life and lower costs.
  • Quality label with foil sleeve
    The MaXafe heavy-duty lashing’s labels feature a strong and tear-proof design. Foil sleeve and webbing overlap also protect the label from dirt and abrasion. The advantage: Guaranteed long life.
  • Machined seam
    The machined seam is precise and of high, consistent quality. The black seam thread contrasts strongly with the light green belt, which makes visual inspection much easier and faster. The advantage: Reduction of cost and effort.


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