Magnum-X sets benchmark in convenience, safety and durability – all with a load capacity of up to 450 tonne

A core made of high-performance polyester and the compact sleeve cover make the Magnum-X sling up to 50% slimmer than comparable heavy-duty round slings, while maintaining the same load capacity. Even in small crane hooks and in attachment points the roundsling is not compressed and exhibits high rigidity. The consequent reduced creasing of the sleeve in the crane hook and on the load markedly improves the wear performance.

A hi-vis patch with interwoven load capacity indication also ensure that the sling is easy to recognise even at a distance and when heavily soiled.

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Magnum-X 10000
Magnum-X 20000
Magnum-X 25000
Magnum-X 30000
Magnum-X 40000
Magnum-X 50000
Magnum-X 60000
Magnum-X 80000
Magnum-X 100000
Magnum-X 125000
Magnum-X 150000
Magnum-X 5000
Magnum-X 5000