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Heavy Duty Ratchet Lashing Straps

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The heavy duty ratchets from SpanSet are real power packs. They don’t stop even for the heaviest jobs: More tension, less effort The patented double slider even secures in the intermediate stage when tensioning, using the “half tooth”. This gives you more tension in smaller steps – and conserves your physical strength.

Less dead weight

They are called heavy duty ratchets, but are much lighter than comparable lashing equipment. The ratchet lashing straps have clear advantages over chains or wire ropes when it comes to their dead weight – and are thus much lighter to handle.

Self-locking ratchet lever

For maximum security when lashing, we developed the self-locking ratchet lever. When lashing, you pull the integrated slider, close the ratchet, and it engages automatically in the locking position. This means that unintentional opening of the ratchet when on the move is effectively impossible.

The best quality for a sense of security

Even for heavy loads, such as construction equipment or precast concrete parts, it is a matter of controlled load security. Heavy loads do not only have to be secured. It is more a case of a controlled securing procedure from start to finish.

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ABS Heavy Duty Ratchet Lashing Strap
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