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Product Description
How calculations for lashing straps become child's play
The useful APP, based on the tried-and-tested SpanSet lashing force controller provides a clear, user friendly interface that makes calculating the lashing straps required child's play.  Using the APP by moving the sliders or entering the dynamic friction coefficients, angle of inclination and pre-tensioning forces directly, as well as inputting the acceleration in the direction of travel and the K-factor, it is possible to display the number of lashing straps required for the specific pre-tensioning force (STF) directly, in just a few steps.

For the angle of inclination, there is even the option of calculating the angle or having it displayed using the level sensors in your smartphone.  Calculation of the load control values takes place either in line with the guidelines of VDI 2700 et seq and/or DIN EN 12195, as you choose. The additional option of documenting the load distribution plan means the lashing force calculator embodies mobile added value in the field of load control.
  • Input of dynamic friction coefficients, angle of inclination, pre-tensioning forces
  • And of the acceleration in the direction of travel and the K-factor
  • Languages: German, English, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Documentation of the load distribution plan
  • Calculation possible in line with the old and new versions of DIN EN 12195

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