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Light Duty Ratchet Lashing Straps

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Medium and Light Duty Ratchets tension gently, secure efficiently

For securing heavy loads in day-to-day business, you not only need lashings that you can rely on. You also need a solution that makes your work easier and makes checking security quick and simple. Ou Ergo ratchets are your ideal assistant.

Longer handle, tensioning that protects your back

The extended handle of the Ergo ratchet makes lashing much easier. You can achieve even high pre-tensioning forces using much less muscle power. As you always pull Ergo ratchets downwards instead of pushing upwards, they are much gentler on your back. With the extra-long lever, you’ll be able to fulfil ergonomic demands to an even higher level.

Tension Force Indicator

With the patented TFI, you can verify the pre-tension force in the system quickly and easily. When the jaws of the TFI are closed, it indicates the maximum pre-tensioning force that can be achieved of 750 daN. Intermediate stages can also be read off. It just can’t get any easier. And now there is also a TFI with an adapter for the adjustable end.

Optional integrated edge protection

Straps by SpanSet are available with a low elasticity of max. 4%. Thanks to the additional wear-resistant selvedge, they won’t wear away, even on rough loads, meaning you have a tough partner on your side to achieve load security.

“Anti-Belt-Slip” procedure

The ratchet is opened, the tension loosens sporadically, and the load gets out of control: Anyone who has experienced this knows how important ABS is. It means you have complete control even during release. The ABS system lets you release the pre-tension force in small steps.

This gives you the opportunity to use a fork-lift truck to straighten up any loads that threaten to tip and are leaning into the lashing, helping prevent damage and accidents.

Safety label on every strap

So that you can always check whether the ratchet lashing strap is suitable for the load to be secured, each lashing strap is equipped with a patented safety label that cannot be torn out. The lashing strap may not be used without its label. Our top products have this label fitted as standard. In their well-thought out solutions, our tension ratchets combine the greatest security with economy and efficiency.

They make your everyday life that much easier and let you work faster – and therefore more profitably. What more could you want?

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