01 Height Safety

Why choose a SpanSet Lanyard?

SpanSet lanyards have been designed with the application in mind. Our design criteria considers, that the lanyard should be of suitable configuration, adequate length for the task without compromising the workers safety, with connectors that allow ease of attachment to other compatible elements. Careful selection will ensure that the worker can carry out their task safely and effectively.

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Choosing your lanyard:

CLIMA Work Position Layard: Adjustable up to 2m. Aluminium alloy karabiner for anchorage

DSL2 Dynamic Self Retracting Lanyard: 2 metre Single Dynamic Self-Retracting Lanyard. Aluminium Supersafe Karabiner for attachment to the harness. Lightweight steel scaffold hook for anchorage.

SP140: Energy Absorbing Lanyard for Fall Arrest Applications available in a number of variations suitable for your specific application.

Download our SP140 brochure

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Safety is what we do. Ordering is straightforward with SpanSet. Order online via our Webshop or call our helpful customer service staff on 01606 737494

CLIMA Work Position Lanyards
DSL2 - Dynamic Self-Retracting Lanyards
SP140 Energy Absorbing Lanyards for Fall Arrest
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