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When heavy loads are moved, safety and care are the top priority. This means the highest level of protection for the goods and for all persons involved. SpanSet is one of the pioneers when it comes to lifting with textile lifting gear. With our lifting gear and the expert advice of our application engineers, you can effectively prevent hazards and accidents, while ensuring that you fully meet the requirements stipulated by law. 

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By choosing SpanSet quality products for lifting, you can move nearly any load - while protecting the material and ensuring the safety of the people

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Choosing the right lifting gear:

Material science

Textile lifting gear has to be manufactured from hard-wearing multi-filament yarns. Whether it‘s polyester (PES), polyamide (PA) or polypropylene (PP): Flat slings and round slings are only allowed to be manufactured from one single material. When choosing the right lifting gear, all important environmental conditions have to be taken into account. Extreme temperatures or aggressive substances – such as acids and caustic solutions – can reduce the durability of the fabric straps or make them impossible to use.

What kind of textile lifting gear is the right one depends on the application. Is the load compact or high-volume? Does it have fixed attachment points? Are the surfaces sensitive – or does the load have sharp edges? SpanSet has the right lifting gear for every application:

Round slings

If you want to lift loads that do not have fixed attachment points, our round slings are the product of first choice. They can carry up to 450 t and are real workhorses. A surface that is extra-resistant to wear and woven textile wire reinforcement make Magnum-X & co. particularly robust: Quality for everyday use.

Flat slings

SpanSet‘s flat slings are particularly flexible. The loops are reinforced to make them resistant to wear and comfortable to handle. Equipped with links at the ends, the slings fit into every crane hook and are ideal for lifting operations in the noose.

Multi-leg slings

If your load has fixed attachment points, the choice is simple: Round slings and multi-leg slings are particularly easy to handle and can even be adjusted with the right accessories.

Because every leg can be adapted to have an individual length, lifting asymmetrical loads is child‘s play.

Coated flat slings

To protect your lifting gear, secutex® is the number one choice. As a permanent coating on the flat sling for handling rough surfaces, or as a secutex®-coated protective sleeve for handling sharp edges – with these slings you will not only be able to safely lift, but also turn your loads.

Safety is what we do. Ordering is straightforward with SpanSet. Order online via our Webshop or call our helpful customer service staff on 01606 737494

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