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Security is the top priority for both you and us when it comes to the transportation of goods and the protection of all those involved. Not only does it give a sense of reassurance, but is also a legal requirement. But where does security start?

The greatest security does not come about overnight. It is the result of many years’ development. SpanSet can look back over 50 years of experience and success. After all, we developed the first car safety belt for Volvo back in the 60s – which today is an indispensable security feature for every car.

We can maximise your security, wherever it’s needed: with our load security products you will effectively avert risks and accidents and comprehensively meet legal requirements. With the use of SpanSet quality products, you can be assured that you’ll be doing the utmost for your transport safety.

How can we actually be sure that our products keep their promises? It’s quite simple: we are obsessed with quality. From material selection to quality testing, from accurate calculations to intelligent use – we provide 100% performance for each phase.

We test the maximum load, strength and durability. For many years we have also been audited by renowned institutions, including BSI, TÜV and MoD who regularly certify our products and quality management.

As experts in load security, we actively seek interaction with you and other experienced experts so we can advance together.

This partnership helps us both: you prevent accidents, their consequences and subsequent costs. You prevent damage to public and private property, protect resources and people. This will save you expensive fines, court procedures and time-wasting conflicts.

You will win the trust of your customers by delivering completely undamaged cargo on time. This also means you will improve your image in the long term compared with your competitors.

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