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Suspension in a full body harness carries serious consequences if left unaddressed. This is called suspension trauma and is due to a lack of movement and restriction of the users circulation. If the user is able to move or relieve the pressure points then the effects can be dramatically reduced, but in the case of unconscious persons then the effects continue unchecked and rescue is the only option.

Rescue can be carried out in many different ways all with different levels of risk, training requirements, aptitude and commitment. It is therefore important to identify the solution that is right for your application. In order to do this you must consider all the variables such as the equipment they are using, where they are using it and the capability of the users. Another aspect that can be confused with rescue is evacuation.

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The Gotcha rescue range also includes evacuation devices or rescue devices that can be used for evacuation. Once again these should be assessed against the application and the ability of the user.

Choosing the best Gotcha kit for you:

Gotcha Original Rescue Kit: The Industry Standard Rescue Kit, Safeguarding all trades working at height

Gotcha Shark Kit: High Access Rescue Kit for experienced Tower, Mast climbers and Riggers.

Gotcha CRD: Controlled Rate Descent (CRD) Rescue Kit for rescue from tower cranes, fixed ladders on wind turbines, industrial warehousing, telecommunication towers and many more.

Gotcha ADD Kit: Automatic Decent Device. Ideal for multiple worker evacuations

Gotcha Evac 2 Kit: The industry standard Evacuation Kit. Providing safe evacuation for workers on mobile platforms, VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trucks in warehouses and many more.

ID Comms Kit: This is a descent rescue kit and rescue entails the rescuer descending to the casualty collecting them and descending to safety

Rescue Accessories: A variety of accessories to help with rescue and evacuation

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Gotcha Original Rescue Kit
Gotcha SHARK Kit
Gotcha CRD Ladder
Gotcha CRD Reach
Gotcha CRD Wind
Gotcha ADD Kit
Gotcha EVAC II Kit
Rescue Accessories