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Why choose a SpanSet harness?

Designed with the worker in mind.  
For the worker’s safety, SpanSet full body harnesses are designed to be straightforward to fit and adjust.  In the event of a fall our harnesses support the worker correctly, without stretching or distortion.  Safety – it’s what we do.
As long hours are spent working in a harness, comfort and ease of movement are essential. SpanSet harnesses are manufactured using top quality, supple webbing to ensure an ergonomic, secure and comfortable fit.   
Cost effective – SpanSet’s harnesses are hardwearing and durable in use.  Lasting longer than harnesses made with cheaper materials.


All SpanSet harnesses feature:
1) High quality, supple polyester webbing woven to SpanSet specification – forms to the worker’s shape for an ergonomic, secure and comfortable fit.
2) Corrosion resistant fittings - polished for ease of adjustment and fitting.
3) Reinforced at high wear areas.
4) Clear labelling showing model, year of manufacture, standards tested to and individual serial number for traceability.
5) Fitting instructions in pictorial form.
6) Stitch patterns clearly visible for ease of inspection.
7) Web tidies to secure loose ends.

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