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Supplying the Nuclear and Power Generation Industries

We understand time is critical during planned outages and shutdowns.


As UK based manufacturers with robust purchasing and procurement processes, we have excellent stocks of, or access to both components and finished goods. 

If you need it, we probably already have it in stock - if not we can make it. 

Reducing the risk of falls when Working at Height is crucial.

As experts in Height Safety, we are experienced in offering solutions to difficult situations - advice, equipment, training,  rescue - we can help.

1 - Xtracta 600 Kits     
Manhole barricade system for confined space.

2 - SP140 Twin leg Lanyards 
Safely traverse between anchorage points

3 - DSL-3 Hybrid lanyards 
Short arrest distance where clearance height is limited

4 - Gotcha 2 Rescue Kit   
Recovery of suspended worker after a fall


Nuclear & Power Generation Industries

Lifting complex loads

With decades of lifting heritage we have the knowledge, experience and product range to solve your lifting challenge.

Nuclear & Power Generation Industries

Transporting potentially hazardous cargo safely.

As the inventors of the ratchet strap SpanSet understand the importance of safe load control.


SpanSet's partnerships span across many of the industrial services within the Nuclear and Power Generation industries. 

Whether new build, maintenance or planned outages, SpanSet offer a range of specialist Height Safety, Lifting and Load Control equipment, together with the Technical Support, Training, Inspections and Consultancy Services required to keep workers safe.

Reduce the Risk

SpanSet do not compromise on safety, we do not believe it's worth saving a few pounds on inferior equipment if it risks a person's safety, let alone scrutiny and fines from the HSE should an accident occur.

We offer expert advice and on-site support to avoid the accidents occuring in the first place.  A solutions based approach to improve working practices, ensure the correct equipment is being used and workers are properly trained.


"Our company ethos of designing and manufacturing the best possible products to keep workers safe is in line with Industries which demand the highest of standards. Where specialist scenarios require specifically engineered equipment, speak to SpanSet

Design & innovation,
it’s what we do."



Safety Critical Design & Innovation

Many original SpanSet products are in action on Nuclear and Power Generation sites – Hinckley C, Trawsfynydd, Heysham, Sellafield etc. 

SpanSet supply an adaptable range of premium quality equipment - offering solutions, saving time and cost effective.



Magnum X

Up  to 50% slimmer than comparable heavy-duty roundslings.  Sets the benchmark in performance, safety and durability - all with a load capacity of up to 450t.

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Confined Space

Xtracta 600

Manhole  barricade system for confined space. Can be adapted for lifting or lowering a person over the edge of a building to carry out inspection work.

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Height Safety


When traditional methods of access are not suitable. This proven system is a tensioned decking designed to access awkward or remote areas at height.

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Lanyards & Harnesses


Fall Arrest and Worker weight -

why compromise safety?

Larger workers, especially those wearing winter workwear, PFPE and with heavy tools attached can easily weigh over 100 kilos (15+ stone).

Our range of SP140 and DSL3 Lanyards are all rated to 140kg.


DSL3  Fall Arrest Lanyard

Protects with the shortest possible fall distances.

Fall Arrest 

High Performance Energy Absorbing Lanyard  for workers up to 140Kg


Scaffold work

Premium Full Body Harness. Designed for Scaffolders on largescale infrastructure projects.


Load Control Equipment

Whatever the load, SpanSet have the equipment to ensure it is secured safely

Lashing Straps

A comprehensive range from light duty through to heavy duty ratchet lashings - designed to secure the heaviest of loads.


Edge Protection and Sleeving Protects your cargo and your lashing equipment from rough surfaces and sharp edges.

Anti Slip Mats 

Use of anti-slip matting significantly reduces the risk of loads sliding.It can also resuce the number of lashings required.  Simple, effective!

Load Control Buyers Guide

An intuitive, digital guide designed to help Drivers, Loaders and Operators navigate to find the ideal Load Control Solution.

The Rescue and Evacuation Kits your workforce cannot afford to be without

Fall arrest lanyards, blocks and sytems stop workers falling to the ground and are essential work at height equipment. However, the problem is not solved only by arresting the fall, the casualty may be suspended and in need of rescuing to a place of safety for urgent medical care.

SpanSet invented the revolutionary Gotcha Rescue System in 2000 to solve this problem.  Made in the UK, and recognised by industry as the market leader and only patented, pre-assembled fall arrest rescue kit designed and ready to be deployed immediately in what can be a stressful situation. 

Which Kit do I Need?

Need help choosing the right kit for your work situation?  Help is at hand, visit our Expert Guide below

Safeguarding scaffolders and the trades working in the Construction, Energy and Facilities Management industries for over 20 years!


Leading providers of Training courses to the industry.

SpanSet train 12,000+ candidates annually - online, on site, at our Training Centres in Middlewich, Cheshire and throughout the UK.


Our most popular training courses for Nuclear and Power Generation clients include - 

SpanSet Safety Management


SpanSet design, manufacture and supply equipment to the industry.

We are therefore in an ideal position to offer a range of services including Training, Inspection and Consultancy.


Trusted independent Inspection Services, helping  customers maintain excellent safety records.


Provide customers with technical support, helping business mitigate risks.