SP140 Energy Absorbing Lanyard Range

General Features and Benefits of SP140 Range

SpanSet have manufactured high quality and performance fall arrest lanyards for over 25 years.  The T-Pak shock absorber has been the foundation of our range and has exceeded the performance requirements of EN355 ensuring comfort and safety for workers.

In 2008 SpanSet became a market leader by manufacturing the first fall arrest lanyards that were tested and certified to EN355 for 140kg workers - the ATLAS Lanyard.

Now SpanSet are proud to bring you the SP140 shock absorbing pack pushing our fall arrest lanyard performance even further forward.

The SP140 shock absorbing pack includes

  • Testing and certification to all the the EN355 performance requirements using a 140kg test mass
  • More clearance height for workers improving on our T-Pak lanyard range 
  • Published clearance height data for 80kg, 100kg, 120kg and 140kg workers in the instruction manual
  • Integrated ring allows the lanyard leg to be clipped back to the shock absorbing pack
  • More compact MAX-SPAN configuration giving the lanyard legs a greater effective working length between anchors
  • A new cover giving better protection to the energy absorbing webbing and making the unit easier to inspect
  • The CE label and traceability data is protected inside the pack for increased longevity
  • We also offer the option of Radio Frequency tracer tagging within the labels

When using fall arrest techniques and lanyards it is important that the user is aware of the safe clearance distance required below their feet.  The graph below demonstrates how thet SpanSet range of lanyards have exceeded the requirements of EN355.