Management of Work at Height Training- (Webinar)

  • To provide an outline of the requirements for planning, organising and supervising work at heights.
  • To provide options on how to comply within the work at height hierarchy of measures.
  • A background in the types of equipment and systems that can be utilised to achieve this.
  • The details behind the equipment standards to ensure usage within the intended purpose.
  • An awareness of the criteria for issue, ID marking, inspection, record keeping, maintenance, storage and withdrawal from service of fall protection equipment.
  • An overview of work at height rescue planning.
  • Legislation overview - The Work at Height Regulations 2005 and Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations.
  • Work at height hazard analysis and risk assessments.
  • Inspection and record keeping procedures.
  • Planning work at height using the hierarchy of measures.
  • Overview of collective measures - scaffold systems, MEWPS's & soft landing systems
  • Overview and requirements of personal measures - work restraint, work position, rope access and fall arrest 
  • Personal fall protection equipment use and limitations - lanyards, fall arrest blocks, fixed fall arrest systems.
  • Overview of safe use of ladders.
  • Prevention of dropped objects.
  • Planning for work at height evacuation and rescue.
  • Identification of hazards related to work at height tasks.
  • The correct selection of prevention/ protection within the Hierachy
  • Identification of appropriate evacuation and rescue techniques and equipment.

On successful completion candidates will receive a certificate valid for three years. 


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