Axzion J Hooks

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Product Description
Lift and Turn with the Newly Developed J-Shaped Hook

The J-Hook is simply attached to the flange of the tower segment and the tower segment can then be lifted. During the turning process, the robust stop device hooks behind the flange, and all contact surfaces are equipped with the robust secutex impact protection (PUR). The J-Hook securely “rolls” into the top position of the pipe segment. The hook has two rounded teeth with rotating embedded secutex pipe modules for this purpose.

Significant time-saving: After the lifting / turning process, the J-Hook can be easily removed, using gravity by lowering it with a crane. Time-consuming assembly work is not required. In contrast, securely fastened suspension points need to be disassembled after the turning process, which requires work to be carried out under the load. Work under a suspended load is absolutely impermissible. The load therefore needs to be placed on trestles, which significantly delays the process.