Magnum-X® The New Dimension In Lifting Technology

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Product Description

Magnum-X® Manages Heavy Loads with Ease

For over 40 years, SpanSet has been at the forefront of the development of extremely high performance synthetic fiber lifting slings. With constant innovation and a consistent focus on quality, we have continuously improved our products. Our goal: to make your job lifting the heaviest loads as safe and efficient as possible.

Our latest milestone: Magnum-X®, its design makes it unique. Unlike the protective sleeve on conventional roundslings, the Magnum-X® has an extremely compact outer cover. The incorporation of high performance polyester makes the outer cover extremely robust and therefore more tear and abrasion resistant than a conventional polyester protective sleeve. The fabric is also made entirely of this innovative high performance fiber. This completely new structure makes the Magnum-X® much more compact, lighter and easier to handle. Also, the special structure reduces the formation of wrinkles in the sleeve cover both at the crane hook and around the load, which is effective in preventing premature wear.

Consequently, you will see a noticeable increase in work efficiency. Additionally, you will of course benefit from the SpanSet® safety and quality standards, which set trends in the industry. Your safety is our driving force.