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Upending Tool 

for Offshore Wind Foundations

  • Gripper range: 4.5 m - 6.5 m
  • Load-bearing capacity: 1,500 metric tonnes
  • Mechanically self-locking gripper
  • Gripper with hydraulic drive
  • WiFi panel, feedback from all sensors
    and interventions on board
    CNC control
  • Dual drive and dual diesel generator
  • Remote control with safety key system
    „Catch the Pile“ available
  • 4 cameras with split-screen functionality
    to monitor operation
  • Adapted gripper jaws
  • 3-arm gripper, thus no deformation of the pile
    Hydraulically moving gripper jaw

Single Blade

Installation Tool

  • Rotor Blade Beam for Load Bearing Capacities up to 25 Tons 
  • Quickly and easily assembled for the installation and removal of rotor blades and can be adapted to virtually any of the various rotor blade dimensions. ​
  • Hydraulic pressure plates grip the center of gravity on the rotor blade ensuring that the blade is safely secured. ​
  • The durable beam boasts operated using a PLC control and a battery case. The clamps can be opened and closed by remote control.​
  • The C-frames on the beam are telescopic, making them very small and manageable, offering many benefits in terms of transporting.​ 

Central Frame

  • 40' Flat rack hold complete frame for easy transportation
  • Drill holes are adapted to fit your rotor hubs
  • Easy storage for multiple adapter plates
  • Rotor Star lifting tool can be adapted to store on frame
  • Legs are easily folded  out for use and in for storage
  • Leg length is adjustable for your project needs
  • 1 truck can carry everything

Tower tool kit

Complete solution to safely upend steel towers

Load-handling equipment for the wind energy industry must be easy to operate and particularly safe.

Many successfully completed off-shore and on-shore projects are testament to the accuracy of the
Axzion Tower Tool Kit. 


  • Magnum-X heavy-duty slings
  • Pulley with rotation pulleys
  • Vario-TAP tower attachment point
  • Vario-J-Hook, 60 t load-bearing capacity

Rescue and evacuation Kits

Recognised by industry as the market leader and the original remote attachment fall-arrest rescue kit which is ready to use and can be deployed straight away. 

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