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Tow Straps
Two Straps - Polyester

SpanSet tow straps are made of the finest quality polyester webbing. The webbing is designed to stretch, allowing a "shock absorbing" action which reduces shock loads that could damage vehicles or equipment. The tow straps are a snap to use, lightweight, cost far less than chain, and will not rust. A special chemical treatment prevents mildew, dry-rot, and resists abrasion. Wear protection standard on both eyes.

*For higher capacities see Heavy Duty Tow Straps

Width Length Rated Capacity Part #
2" 15 ft 6,000 lbs TS615
2" 20 ft 6,000 lbs TS620
2" 24 ft 6,000 lbs TS624
2" 15 ft 12,000 lbs. TS1215
2" 20 ft 12,000 lbs. TS1220
2" 25 ft 12,000 lbs. TS1225
3" 20 ft 18,000 lbs. TS1820
3" 24 ft 18,000 lbs. TS1824
3" 24 ft 24,000 lbs. TS2424
3" 30 ft 24,000 lbs. TS2430
2" 15 ft 10,000 lbs. TS1015H*
2" 25 ft 12,000 lbs. TS1225H *


* With forged hooks.

All load securing and Tow/Recovery straps are NOT the same.

Most anyone with a sewing machine can fabricate these products but that doesn't mean they are manufactured to industry standards and are safe to use. You must be sure these products have been properly designed, tested, rated and tagged. Your safe use of these products and the safety of others depend on it.

It is the owner's/user's responsibility to evaluate the suitability of any product in this catalog for their particular application. All products shown in this catalog are to be used for their intended use only. None of the products shown are to be used in a lifting application.

SpanSet Heavy Duty Tie Down products meet or exceed the requirements of the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA) recommended Standard Specification for Synthetic Web Tie Downs WSTDA-T1.

Removal from service

A Tie Down should be removed from service if any of the following are visible:

  • Holes, tears, cuts, snags or embedded particles in the webbing
  • Broken or worn stitching in load bearing stitch patterns
  • Excessive abrasive wear on the webbing
  • Knots in any part of the webbing
  • Distortion, excessive pitting, corrosion or damage of any fitting or component
  • Melting, charring or weld spatter on any part of the webbing
  • Chemical burns
  • Any condition which causes doubt as to the strength of the Tie Down


Synthetic Web Tie Downs and Tow/Recovery Straps should be inspected by the person handling them each time they are used. Frequent visual inspection is your best safeguard.

Contact SpanSet for further information on inspection, care and use of synthetic web tie downs.