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USPARKP Lanyard Parking Point
Accessories: The following products have been developed and introduced by SpanSet with security, comfort and above all, safety in mind.

USPARKP Lanyard Parking Point

When working with twin leg lanyards, one leg of the lanyard is often redundant. The old practice of clipping the "redundant" lanyard back to your harness has proved to be dangerous affecting the operation of the energy absorber.

To prevent this, SpanSet Inc has introduced a sacrificial point to which the redundant lanyard can be clipped. This breaks away in the event of a fall allowing the energy absorber to operate correctly.

Under no circumstances is this product to be used as the primary lanyard attachment to the harness. It is only intended as an accessory. For further details please contact SpanSet Inc.

Key Features
  • Sacrificial attachment point for "parking" a lanyard when not in use
  • Easy break away/ attachment
  • Personalized placement
  • Retro fit to SpanSet Inc. harness range