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Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit
USGOTCHACRD Gotcha Constant Rate Descender

A constant rate descent device suitable for rescue and evacuation. It is also suitable for rescue from vertical situations where you can access the casualty. Suitable for single person or two person escape / evacuation from elevated work areas.

Key Features
  • Constant rate lowering and minimal user input
  • The casualty can be raised to release their original attachment
  • The casualty can be lowered to safety
  • Descent is set to a constant controlled rate
  • The rescuer can access the casualty for recovery
  • A single person can descend to safety
  • Pre-assembled- ready to use right out of bag
Item Customer Order Code Rescue Distance
CRD 160 ft USGOTCHACRD50M Up to 160 feet
CRD 325 ft USGOTCHACRD100M Up to 325 feet