SpanSet Roundslings

TWINTEX® lifting solutions

The TWINTEX® Roundsling, developed by SpanSet, Inc. is manufactured from a continuous loop of high-tenacity polyester yarn encased in a smooth, double-wall tightly woven cover without any edge seam. Because the load-bearing core yarns are encased by the cover, they are protected from cuts, abrasion, and the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays. Removal from service can be determined if the red-striped white core yarns can be seen through any holes or cuts in the cover. Most TWINTEX® Roundslings feature a cover made from the same type of yarn as the core, permitting a quick external examination to reveal any possible chemical damage that may have also affected the load-bearing core yarn which might require the slings’ removal from service. 

TWINTEX® Features:
• Color-coded for positive sling capacity identification
• Double-wall, woven seamless cover for longer sling life
• Durable capacity tag provides serial number traceability
• Red-striped white core warning yarns provide positive indication for sling replacement
• Low elongation (approx. 3% at rated capacity)
• Consistently matched lengths
• Soft and light weight for easy rigging, handling and storage
• No loss of strength from abrasion on cover
• Easily conforms to the shape of the load
• Sling life can be extended by rotating bearing points