Dynafor Expert tensile force measuring device

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Reliable accuracy for measurements
  • The measuring instrument is shockproof and waterproof: protection class IP 66 or IP 67
  • Radio range up to 80m
  • Simple operation through clearly structured menu navigation
  • Economical power consumption, depending on use from 300 to 1000 hours lifetime
  • Connection to PC via the integrated USB port connector
Product NameDynafor Expert tensile force measuring device
Product HeadlineReliable accuracy for measurements
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The Dynafor type tensile force measuring devices for measuring tensile forces and displaying loads are reliable aids for incoming goods inspection, material testing and as a control instrument for various lifting processes. Tensile forces and loads are determined by means of a strain gauge, which measures the deformation of a metal body under tensile load. The mentioned strain gauges generate an electrical signal proportional to the load. This signal is processed by a microprocessor and then shown on the display in kg, t, lbs, daN and other units.

Slings can be easily connected to commercially available shackles, which simplifies handling. The universal Dynafor measuring devices are very stable, shockproof and weatherproof, and can therefore also be used on construction sites. Ease of operation thanks to the clearly structured menu navigation and extensive accessories make Dynafor measuring instruments the most popular on the market.


Thanks to our new 50 t test bench we can offer you an even better service. The very high precision enables us to perform calibrations as well as polynomial correction on the measuring instruments (service approved by the manufacturer). For these operations we can issue a standard calibration certificate or an Zertifikat according to ISO376.

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