Safety with the Highest Quality

For us, safety takes top priority when it concerns the protection of a person's life, the lifting of heavy loads or the transportation of goods. We can offer you professional and fully developed solutions for safe lifting, material handling and working at heights through high-quality products, our expertise and services.

Simply regard SpanSet as your partner for a comfortingly high degree of security.

In addition, we can help you with a comprehensive range of training that increases the awareness of safety for people or materials and can cut your operating costs. We can convey our current expertise with regard to your safety through our qualified instructors in the various courses for lifting, cargo control and working at heights. Of course we can also arrange to do this on site and tailored to your particular requirements. A site survey for suitability will be required.

SpanSet Makes Lifting Loads Safe and Effective

When heavy loads are moved, safety and care are the top priority. This means the highest level of protection for the goods and for all persons involved. SpanSet is one of the pioneers when it comes to lifting with textile lifting gear. With our lifting gear and the expert advice of our application engineers, you can effectively prevent hazards and accidents, while ensuring that you fully meet the requirements stipulated by law.

100% Quality – 100% Safety

From the material selection to the quality test, from exact calculations to intelligent application, we give 100% at every stage. We weave the majority of our flat slings and roundsling sleeves ourselves – in the US. In order to ensure that you receive only completely reliable and practical lifting gear, we employ experts from the various sectors and develop new products in collaboration with universities of applied sciences and other institutions.

Tested and Certified

Our quality management system involves ongoing tests of materials and end products. These materials and end products are subject to continuous checks in our in-house laboratory and in external test series. We test the maximum load strength and durability.

By choosing SpanSet quality products for lifting, you can move nearly any load – while protecting the material and ensuring the safety of the people.

Quality and Service - Our Commitment to You

SpanSet, Incorporated is part of the international SpanSet Group which has manufacturing sites and licensees worldwide. 

As a recognized industry leader, SpanSet has directed its business with the understanding that success is guided by customer satisfaction. If we are to grow and prosper, we fully understand that we must continue to offer good quality merchandise, dependable service, qualified technical support and competitive pricing. SpanSet, Inc. is committed to these principals. 

With over 30 years of experience and acquired know-how in manufacturing and solving load securement problems, SpanSet is being specified as the preferred supplier in a wide variety of applications. In addition to standard stocking catalog items, SpanSet offers specialized and custom designed products to meet specific requirements. Further details are available by request from our sales office.

SpanSet - Certified Safety

SpanSet designs, manufactures and supplies Height Safety, Lifting and Load Control systems. All SpanSet products have been developed to work as part of an overall safety solution, which includes products, installations, training, implementation, testing and servicing.

By offering our customers an overall solution, SpanSet is better equipped to to meet our customers' needs and help them develop safer solutions for working at height, lifting and load restraint.

Quality Control - From incoming raw materials and component parts to final assembly, SpanSet products are subjected to strict ANSI/ASQC and ISO 9001:2015 standards for quality control and assurance. Metal parts are manufactured from high quality steels and alloys with equally rigid standards for plated, epoxy coated or painted finishes.

Weaving - The webbing used in SpanSet’s textile products is manufactured in-house on state-of-the-art high speed weaving looms. Yarns of either nylon or polyester are of the highest quality for greater strength, durability, and controlled elasticity.

Sewing - Electronically controlled sewing machines ensure the highest standards of quality, consistency, and reliability of the load bearing seams on the heavy duty tiedowns, utility rated tiedowns, and flat web slings. Rigorous manufacturing and sewing standards are maintained for the forming of eyes and the attachment of ratchet buckles, hooks, and other components.

Finishing - The loom state greige webbing is carefully dyed and thermo-fixed giving greater abrasion resistance, protection from deterioration from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and reduced elongation. An optional PVC coating offers exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting in the aggressive environments to which the products will be subjected. The finished webbing is rolled in specific lengths or boxed in bulk.

Made in the USA

Keeping jobs right here at home. “Made in the USA” - That stands for something. It means quality, safety and gives you confidence that your equipment will stand the rigors of your job. It also means your purchase supports American jobs. 

That’s why SpanSet Inc. strives to keep as much of our manufacturing, whether it be fall protection, cargo control or our lifting slings, in Sanford, North Carolina.

 For over thirty years, SpanSet Inc. has strived to produce quality equipment at a fair price while offering hard working North Carolinians a job they can be proud of. We here at SpanSet have always taken great pride in this.

 From everyone at SpanSet Inc., we thank you for your patronage and loyalty. Please remember that every purchase you make keeps your employees safe, your cargo secure and Americans employed.

You have our word on that.