SpanSet, Inc. is committed to sustainability. That’s why today we are excited to announce that moving forward our Magnum® High Performance round slings will be made with bio-based Dyneema® fiber!
We are proud to the first American manufacturer of green high performance round slings made with bio-based Dyneema®.
What happens when you combine SpanSet and Dyneema®? You get quality manufacturing, unparalleled performance and now, a reduced carbon footprint to help protect our planet.


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Here at SpanSet we take pride in giving you the best solutions for safe lifting, material handling and working at height through high quality products.

As we continue to push innovation and safety, we are proud to announce that SpanSet is working on reducing our carbon footprint in the manufacture of Magnum round-slings.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our updates and information and join us on this amazing journey to not only protect your lifts, employees, but also our environment.


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