Lashing chain with 2 lifting hooks G120

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Lashing chain Grade 120 with 2 lifting hooks and safety latch
  • Grade 120
  • Lifting hooks with safety latch
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Standard length: 3.5 m
Product NameLashing chain with 2 lifting hooks G120
Product HeadlineLashing chain Grade 120 with 2 lifting hooks and safety latch
Product description long 1

Due to the extremely high strength of the patented ICE material, it has been possible for the first time to achieve a continuous increase in strength rating over class 80, even with thinner dimensions < 16 mm; i.e. with direct lashing, an ICE lashing chain of any nominal thickness is able to replace a lashing chain of class 80 of the next higher nominal thickness With a maximum tensile strength down to -60°C.

Product description long 2

Special mention should be made of the ICE-CURT, which is both a tensioner and a shortener.

The integrated quick shorteners of the ICE-CURT and also of the ICE-T-SNAPPY have the great advantage that they no longer have a zero stroke, i.e. the additional tensioning stroke that is usually caused by inserting a shortening hook or a shortening claw is no longer necessary.

The risk of insufficient shortening and the consequent repetition of the tensioning and shortening process is thus avoided. The ICE lashing chain can therefore be shortened and tensioned in a flash and with less effort.

NormsEN 12195-3
Dimension L1 min0.4 m
Dimension L1 max100 m
Main MaterialSteel
Packaging Unit (PU) Content1