Secutex Corner Protection with Hinge Type

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Secutex Corner Protection for sharp-edged Loads
  • Protects Roundslings and Webslings
  • Extremely robust
  • Reinforced with perforated Plate
  • Hinge allows individual adjustment of Corner Protection to Load
  • With Magnet to prevent unwanted moving of Corner Protection
Product NameSecutex Corner Protection with Hinge Type
Product HeadlineSecutex Corner Protection for sharp-edged Loads
Product description long 1

If the load has sharp edges, a suitable corner protector must be used. Secutex corner-protectors are easy and versatile to use.

The extremely robust secutex corner-protectors protect the load and the lashing belts. They increase the radius of the edge and prevent “sharp edges”.

By means of a hinge, the edge protector SK-B can be optimally suited to fit any load geometry. It can be optionally equipped with magnets to better retain its position on the magnetic load. The edge protector can be quickly secured to the edge of the lashing belt by means of mounting slits. The lashing belt slides through the secutex clip which remains on the lashing belt despite collisions.

Dimension H10 mm
Dimension L115 mm
Packaging Unit (PU) Content1