Wire Ropes with Thimble

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Wire ropes with thimble at both ends
  • A wide variety of designs and components
  • Exclusively tested pressing sleeves
  • Galvanised quality wire ropes
  • Produced in Switzerland
  • Thimbles enforced on both ends
Product NameWire Ropes with Thimble
Product HeadlineWire ropes with thimble at both ends
Product description long 1

In our wire rope production facility, we manufacture customised wire rope assemblies and wire rope slings for you in accordance with the applicable EN regulations.

We only use tested crimp sleeves and galvanised quality wire ropes so that you can rely on every single Spanset® wire rope.

The designs and load capacities comply with EN 13414-1 and the CE Machinery Directive.

Recommendation for UseDo not exceed the specified load carrying capacity (WLL)., Do not strike at a tilt angle exceeding 60°., Do not use damaged wire ropes and slings with defects, such as wire breaks, bulges, bruises, kinks, severed core, heavy wear, rust damage or others., Do not use in contact with chemicals., Do not use wire ropes with broken strands., Sling ropes may only be used for lifting and transporting loads and only by instructed persons. The regulation on the safe use of cranes (Crane Regulation) must be observed without fail (Suva-Form.1420. d).
Main MaterialSteel
Packaging Unit (PU) Content1