Visor Full Face for TALGAR helmet

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Adapter for ear muffs with bayonet latch
  • Adds hearing protection compatibility to TALGAR helmets
  • Compatible with hearing protectors with bayonet fitting
  • Moisture wicking fabric and air vents prevent build up of moisture inside the helmet during use
  • Optional visors are available
  • Optional adaptors are also available for ear defenders with a bayonet attachment
  • Polycarbonat
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Nom du produitVisor Full Face for TALGAR helmet
Intitulé du produitAdapter for ear muffs with bayonet latch
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Quick and precise adjustment from 51 to 62 cm by means of a rotary wheel. With comfortable soft chin strap according to EN14052. Offers maximum ventilation thanks to ten ventilation slots. The light and stable outer shell made of ABS offers safe protection against falling objects. Replaceable inner padding ensures maximum comfort and hygiene thanks to Sanitized material protection.

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Polygiene inhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabric surface by preventing the cell division. The bacteria on the skin, the “natural skin fl ora”, remains unaffected, Polygiene is homogenously distributed throughout the material.

This fabric dries quickly, easing moisture expansion and evaporation. It keeps the body fresh, providing the maximum comfort.

Micrometrical adjustment mechanism placed on the back of the helmet.

Chinstrap provided with a ring to hook the helmet onto theharness.

Chinstrap with four fastening points. Quick fastening and opening with a safety release system in compliance with the EN 14052. Provided with lateral divider or two soft polyethylene side retractors to adjust the straps length.

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