Reliability since 1966

You can always rely on SpanSet. Our practical solutions for fall protection, lifting and load control are manufactured for you using ISO-certified processes. With the highest quality and efficiency.

SpanSet will also provide you with after-sales service after your purchase: service offers, inspections, comprehensive course programmes and individual consultations tailored to your exact needs.


Safety no matter how high

When working at height, safety is of paramount importance - and Spandex is here to keep you safe. We specialise in developing and producing suitable, practical solutions for you. This includes the SpanSet Inspector, an application for mobile phones and tablet PCs that helps to check our products regularly. High technology ensures high safety.

Our state-of-the-art protective equipment and security systems are easy to operate, comfortable to wear and guarantee optimum freedom of movement. Safe, focused and efficient work, no matter how high up you are.

Safe Lifting

Whatever you lift, it must be safe. Our extremely hard-wearing round and flat slings fulfil this requirement. Decades of experience and solid quality workmanship are behind these high-end textile products.

Those who hang heavy loads with SpanSet believe that the highest standards of safety and efficiency are everything.

For your safety
Load arrives as it departs

People who transport load, big or small, always want to make sure it gets to its destination safely. The products and systems we use to protect your cargo do the job reliably, and we're always a part of setting international standards.

Our convenient SpanSet Lashing Calculator application makes it easier for you to calculate the required bundling of equipment, which in turn improves your safety and economy.

Our high product quality ensures that tasks are met even in extreme environments and under special requirements.

Safety is a matter of management

For us, safety starts early. For example, when we advise your expert technicians during the production phase of equipment that will be transported and lifted with Spandex products in the future.

By making our expertise available right from the start, we can work with you to maximise safety at work - from the design of special spreaders to inspection services to maintenance.

As a professional partner for safety management, we also enhance your knowledge of lifting technology, bundling and fall protection through a wide range of seminars and training courses.