Reliability since 1966


You can always rely on SpanSet. Our practical solutions for fall protection, hoisting technology and load securing are individually manufactured for you using ISO-certified processes. They thus stand for maximum quality and work efficiency.


SpanSet will also support you after your purchase: with services, inspections and a comprehensive programme of courses and personal consulting for your practical requirements. And that's something else you can rely on.

Safe at any height


When working in heights, safety is vital – and SpanSet gives you this safety. With suitable, practical solutions that we specially develop and produce for you. This also includes the SpanSet Inspector, an application for mobile end devices to support the regular inspection of our quality products. Cutting-edge technology for high safety.


Our sophisticated protective equipment and securing systems are easy to operate, comfortable to wear and guarantee optimal freedom of movement. For safe, concentrated and efficient work at any height.

The safe way to lift


Whatever you lift has to stay at the top. Our extremely hard-wearing round slings and webbing slings see to that. Decades of experience and solid quality craftsmanship stand behind these high-end textile products.


Those who lift loads in cooperation with SpanSet put their trust in maximum safety and minimum time and effort.

For your safety


Loads that arrive as they depart


Those who transport loads both large and small want to make sure they arrive safely. Our products and systems for securing loads master this task reliably, and we are always on par when international standards are set.

With our cutting-edge tool, the SpanSet Lashing Calculator, we make it easier for you to calculate the required lashing equipment, thereby giving you added safety and economic efficiency.


Our high production quality guarantees that everything stays where it belongs, even in critical situations and under special demands.


And the solutions that we develop in close cooperation with our valued customers have the same centimetre accuracy.

Safety is a question of management


For us, safety already begins early on. For example, when we advise your experts in the construction of machines that will later be transported and hoisted with SpanSet products.


By providing our expertise from the beginning, we can work with you to achieve maximum work safety – including everything from special designs to inspection services to repairs.


As a professional partner for safety management, we also enhance your competencies in hoisting technology, load securing and fall protection with a broad programme of seminars and training courses.


Our goal is to make your work processes easier, safer and more economical. For this reason, we are there to support and advise you at all times.