Preventing Driving Accidents by Properly and Safely Securing Loads

Trucks and large transports play a crucial role in transporting goods and loads from one place to another. However, if not done correctly and wisely, this can lead to harmful accidents. A real example is a case where a pole transported by a truck fell and impaled a car.

Factors Leading to Accidents

  • Insufficient and Unsafe Securing Devices: Inadequate securing devices can cause the load to bounce and fall from the vehicle.
  • Improperly Arranged Loads: Loads must be properly arranged to prevent bouncing during transit.
  • Incompatible Vehicles and Cargo Space: The vehicle used must be suitable for the load to prevent it from bouncing during transit.
  • Loads Exceeding Capacity and Cargo Space Dimensions: Loads must match the vehicle's capacity and cargo space dimensions to prevent bouncing during transit.
  • Safe Cargo Space and Lashing Points: The cargo space and lashing points must meet safety standards to prevent the load from bouncing during transit.

Tips to Prevent Accidents from Recurring

  • Ensure Sufficient and Safe Securing Devices: This can be achieved by choosing high-quality products from trusted brands like SpanSet. These products meet safety standards and ensure the load remains secure during transit.
  • Proper Placement and Arrangement of Loads: Ensure that the load does not exceed the vehicle's carrying capacity and cargo space dimensions.
  • Suitable Vehicles and Cargo Space: Ensure the vehicle and cargo space are suitable for the load. This includes ensuring the cargo space has safe lashing points.
  • Correct Method of Securing Loads: Consider the "3 Rights" in using securing devices: the right quantity, the right method, and the right quality.

As part of the transportation community, we must continuously ensure safety while performing our duties. Accidents, like the one mentioned above, can occur due to several factors, and we can minimize the risk by taking appropriate measures.

At SpanSet, we are dedicated to providing quality and safe products to help you achieve this goal. Feel free to seek solutions and safety products from us, and let’s work together to ensure our journeys are always safe and successful.