Ideal Solution for Lifting Loads Up to 30 Tons with Four Ply Webbing Sling

The four ply webbing sling (4ply) from SpanSet is an innovation designed for extra security when carrying heavy loads. Made from high-density polyester fibers woven and stitched on all four sides, the SpanSet four ply webbing sling has a higher lifting capacity despite having a narrower belt compared to 1ply or 2ply webbing slings. Therefore, the 4ply webbing sling is ideal for lifting very heavy loads with small surface areas. With a D Ring, you will find it easy to use, such as when hooking loads.

Factors Influencing Load Lifting with a Lifting Belt

The lifting capacity of your lifting belt is readable on the label, but this does not apply to all applications. For this reason, SpanSet provides a Lifting Capacity Indicator. With this product, you can determine the X factor and Lifting Capacity by reading the label for common applications. If you want to extend your Roundsling or Websling, you are not allowed to join two slings or make knots.

The fibers of the belt will become imperfect due to knots or joints, drastically reducing the lifting capacity, which can lead to accidents. One safe way to extend the belt is to use a Joker hook.

Basics of Load Lifting

  1. Inspect the lifting belt to be used. If there is a strong lifting point, it should be able to withstand all loads, such as side loads.
  2. Find out the weight of the load to be lifted. The weight can be found in the cargo documents or construction data—or you can weigh the load. SpanSet provides hanging scales.
  3. Note the position of the center of gravity. The hook must be directly above the center of gravity. For asymmetrical load distribution, you need a Websling with adjustable length or an adjustable connector above the center of gravity.
  4. Determine the angle of inclination. The maximum angle of inclination between the belt and the load is 60°. You can easily check this on the SpanSet lifting method calculation table.
  5. Safety during lifting. If the radius r of an angle is smaller than the diameter or thickness "d" of the belt, it is considered a sharp angle. This applies not only to sharp angles but also to seemingly blunt angles. With a protective sleeve, you can keep the belt safe. Other application methods can be found in the manual.

Advantages of SpanSet Four Ply (4ply) Webbing Sling

  • Compliant with EN 1492-1 standards
  • Safety Factor 7
  • Lifting Capacity from 2 to 20 Tons
  • Manufactured to tested standards and quality
  • Equipped with eye protection
  • Color-coded according to international standards
  • Easy-to-read, durable capacity markings
  • Can be combined with a D Ring

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