HSL2 Horizontal Safety Line

EUR 212,87

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HSL2 Horizontal Safety Line

Best horizontal tension webbing anchor line

EUR 212,87

IVA non inclusa

Available within 1 Weeks
Numero di articolo: 2024629
SSIT ERP Code: ER-2024629
Tempoline HSL 20m
Temporary Horizontal Safety Line with Swivel Hooks 20m
  • Improved integrated storage and transport shoulder bag for ease of use and prolonged in-service life
  • Safety swivel anchor hooks to help take twist out of the webbing during installation and resist cyclic loads
  • Unique "fill line" indicator to ensure the ratchet is loaded with the correct amount of webbing to lock securely
  • High quality SpanSet ratchet with smaller tensioning steps to help achive the correct tension more easily
  • Patented "Tension Force Indicator" technology guarantees safe installation every time
  • Two in-line connection rings to ensure compatibility with all lanyard karabiners and hooks
  • Built-in web wear indicator for ease of inspection.

EUR 212,87

IVA non inclusa

Available within 1 Weeks


Utilizzo sicuro anche con ancoraggio al piano di calpestio

Applicazioni massime di lavoro del cordino

L'applicazione sicura anche sotto il livello del suolo, consente all'utente di assicurarsi in altezza senza compromettere la propria sicurezza.


Dati pubblicati sull'altezza di sicurezza

Per lavoratori di 80 kg, 100 kg, 120 kg e 140 kg

La conoscenza dell'altezza libera consente all'utente di conoscere la distanza di caduta necessaria per la massima sicurezza.


Transponder RFID

Elett. documentazione di prova e sistema di gestione

Le brache rotonde SpanSet premium per impieghi gravosi sono dotate di un transponder RFID saldamente integrato nell'etichetta che, insieme a IDXpert, consente di pianificare, eseguire e documentare facilmente le ispezioni periodiche delle attrezzature di lavoro.

HSL2 - Horizontal Safety Line

The Tempoline is our latest addition to our horizontal temporary safety lines combing all the great features of the popular original with some new and improved user friendly features, include:

New shoulder bag :

  • Easier to carry to the workplace.
  • Make the set-up of the Tempoline HSL2 more intuative.
  • Help to pack and store any spare adjustment webbing.
  • Increases the service life of the webbing.  

Fitted with safety swivel hooks :

  • Ensure they are secure at all times while in use.
  • Specifc shape to ensure they remain closed under load.
  • Allow twists in the webbing to remove before tensioning.
  • Tested under cyclic loading conditions to ensure they are suitable for high frequency loading conditions. 

Unique fill line indicator and increase number of tensioning increments:

  • Allows the worker to load the correct number of turns of webbing onto the ratchet to ensure it locks the webbing securely under tension.
  • More graduated steps making it easier to achive the correct tension in the line. 

Includes Tension Force Indicating technology :

  • Show the worker that the system has been correctly installed and tensioned. Without the indicator installation would be only guess work and the safe clearance height impossible to check.
  • Safety is assured because the 250daN pretension guarantees the amount of stretch available in the webbing.
  • The instruction manual then helps you to check the safe clearance height based on the relative position and length of anchor line in use.

Fitted with two in-line connection rings ensuring that all lanyard karabiners, or hooks can be fitted to the line and move freely. 

Specific wear indicator to show when the webbing anchor line should be retired from service.

Comprehensive clearance height graph to make checking safety easy! Take the guesswork out of temporary anchor lines

This product is fully supported with deflection data to help you plan safe use in either work restraint, or fall arrest applications.

Informazioni tecniche sul prodotto

  • Peso netto: 5.9 kg
  • Connettore di ancoraggio: 30723 Swivel Hook
  • Norme: EN 795: 2012
  • Durata: 10 yr.
  • Protezione dell'etichetta [y/n]: Si
  • Colore: Rosso
  • Materiale principale: Poliestere
  • Serial Number univoci: Si
  • Certificati individuali: Si
  • Manuale istruzioni utente multilingua: Si
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Contenuto: 1
  • Dimensione Lungh.: 20 m

Download di prodotti e manuali

Tempoline HSL Pocket Card
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Tempoline HSL User Instruction Manual
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EU Type Certificate TF090
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