XT96 - 2438 Davit System

XT96 - 2438 Davit System

Adjustable davit system

  • Safe access into a wide variety of confined spaces
  • Easily positioned from 775mm, 915mm and 1200mm
  • Offers a solution where other conventional systems are impractical
  • 10:1 Safety factor of davit meets or exceeds AS/NZS 5532, CSA, ANSI, OSHA, CSST and CE Standards.

Just like the SPXT24 and the SPXT48 this unique, adjustable davit system was developed to allow workers greater versatility, with the mast adapter permanently fixed to a structure and the davit arm and mast moved around as required.

Main Components

XTIN2197 - 2438mm (96") davit arm
Equipped with bracket for self-retracting lifeline and winch to ease access to confined spaces. To be used with any one of the mast XTIN2199, XTIN2414 or XTIN2470. Can be extended from 1524 to 2438mm using a retractable crank. Equipped with a 22kN anchor point.
Material: aluminum. Also available with corrosion resistant components (XTIN2197M).
Dimensions: L 2493-3498mm x W 260mm x H 632mm
Weight: 62kg

XTIN2470, XTIN2199, XTIN2414 - Mast
To be used with 2438mm davit arm XTIN2197 and corresponding adapters.
Material: aluminum
XTIN2470 - Length 610mm (9 kg)
XTIN2199 - Length 1067mm (15 kg)
XTIN2414 - Length 1372mm (20 kg)

XTIN2201 - Central floor adapter
To be used with mast XTIN2199 and extendible davit arm XTIN2197. It allows to work with fixed or multiple of 90° angles.
*Anchor bolts not included. *Allowable working angle.
Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions: L 432mm x W 432mm x H 286mm
Weight: 30kg

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